With this activity, visitors will have the opportunity not only to discover one of the best kept secrets in winemaking, but also to put all their wine knowledge to the test.

The game consists of:

  • Dividing visitors into teams.
  • Our technical team explains the different phases and aspects of the tasting before delving into the characteristics of the different varieties and what they individually contribute to the wine.
  • Each team is provided with samples of the red wine varieties taken from our barrels (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Tempranillo) so that they can taste them by mixing them in different proportions until they get the wine they like best.
  • Once the wine has been made, there is a complete visit to the winery, during which time our winemaker reproduces the wines of each team and prepares a blind tasting of them.
  • After the visit, all participants taste the wines and score them without knowing which team has produced each bottle, choose the winning wine and discover the authors of each blend.
  • The winning team receives a prize and everyone receives a diploma signed by our winemaker.
  • This experience includes a complete visit to the winery, its estate and vineyard.