Everything around us reminds us of the past and, from the present, propels us into the future.

No adventure can be carried out without a solid base, without a well-worked foundation, the result of the efforts of many women and men who have left their mark on the Lordship.

Otazu has been advancing and adapting to the times. Different crops and farms have developed over the centuries and, as it could not be otherwise, this Museum aims to be a tribute to this evolution.

Our Lordship´s Museum shows both the machinery and the good work of the people of this area for centuries.

The Museum houses the memory not only of the first beet or sunflower crops, but also of the current grape production (which is the heart of the winery) and of our great Otazu wine. In addition, there are numerous well-restored instruments, many of them unique, graphic material on the history and life of the Lordship, historical testimonies of wine as a cultural element, and finally multiple exhibitions that aim to contextualize the new Otazu project within the rich and long history of wine.