June, 2022. Bodega Otazu travels through different worlds, merging fashion, design, art, wine and tradition in the same concept, being part, in its eagerness to evolve and reinvent itself, of the VIII edition of the Emerging Design Month, which takes place at the Museo del Traje in Madrid. From June 1 to July 3, at Avenida Juan de Herrera, 2 (Madrid), Bodega Navarra and Creanavarra will be part of this exhibition, with a show in which dresses inspired by the essence of its history will be exhibited.


The proposal is the result of a collaboration project with Creanavarra Centro Superior de Diseño, an agreement that was signed last year and now takes shape thanks to the implementation of various initiatives through a surprising and innovative proposal, in which the students are at the center of the action. This agreement marks an important milestone in the trajectory of Bodega Otazu, since Creanavarra has an educational history of more than 27 years and an international vision of design that has made it a national reference center.


Specifically, the students of Fashion Design, supported by Graphic Design and Interior Design, have led a project in which they transfer the essence of the Navarra Winery in seven designs. In relation to the designs exhibited, some of them have wanted to enhance the material linked to wine, such as cork to dress the garment, others, however, have resorted to the use of the wine itself in order to enhance the clothing. The concept has also been developed by focusing on textures, the nature of the winery itself, its colors, the enclave where it is located or by taking inspiration from some of the pieces in the art collection that Otazu houses in its winery.


The Museo del Traje has been in charge of choosing one of the proposals that have been presented in common, and that has wine as the center of the story. It is ‘Origen’, which bases its design on the land of Navarre, on the roots that grow within its microclimate, and on the leaves that “feed on the air with the scent of art and international culture that rest in its facilities”. Land, art and wine come together to offer a complete experience. “The wineries travel around the world in search of new promises with whom to merge styles year after year to carry out a unique bottling as the art they develop,” indicate the students who have implemented this project. Under this premise, the materials used for the design of this initiative are the wine bottles themselves, cork, earth, metal and tulle.


The spectacular designs are combined with the scenography created by the students of Interior Design of Creanavarra. The staging interprets the “wine explosion”. Each costume is accompanied by its bottle and floating Otazu corks, which want to interpret that “party” of wine, that moment of the toast in which everything flows, everything levitates. Over the corks and bottles, each one with a unique label conceived by students of Graphic Design of the same Center, emerges a tulle that figuratively represents the wine that surrounds the designs and at the same time closes the atmosphere created.


The agreement between Creanavarra and Bodega Otazu is an excellent example to show the union of the winery with the artistic world, in which, although wine remains the common thread of this unique place called Otazu, art is no less important. In this way, Bodega Otazu can boast of being home to the most extensive private contemporary art collection in Europe, as well as being the most northern vineyard in Spain with P.D.O. Pago, becoming one of only 19 wineries in Spain with the quality recognition of “Vino de Pago”, the highest category that a vineyard can obtain.