Otazu, a project that transcends the idea of a winery.

Located in Spain, it is the northernmost D.O.P. Pago winery in the country. Located just 8 kilometers from Pamplona and 390 meters above sea level, it is in a privileged enclave just 60 kilometers from the Bay of Biscay and 35 from the Pyrenees. Otazu is part of the municipality of Etxauri, in Navarra, and its vineyard is framed by the majestic mountains of Perdón and Sarbil.


There is evidence of vine cultivation in these lands since the 12th century and documentation in the Archive of Navarre shows that, in the 14th century, great kings, such as Charles III of Navarre, enjoyed the wines of the valley. Since then, the wines of this region have been recognized for their exceptional quality.


And since history cannot be forgotten, we restore it.

In 1840, the winery was built, inspired by French châteaux. However, the arrival of the phylloxera plague at the end of the 19th century paralyzed the activity for more than a century. In 1989, the winemaking tradition was resumed with the purpose of preserving the history and honoring the culture. As a result, the Señorío de Otazu has been preserved and renovated, maintaining its space as a residence for those who still work on the lands of Otazu and in winemaking.


The old winery building was transformed into a museum that houses not only the memory of the first cultivations, but also a collection of carefully restored instruments and a contemporary art gallery.



D.O.P. Pago de Otazu, the uniqueness of the 'terroir'.

In these privileged lands, a hidden treasure has always been found: an exceptional microclimate, which awakens the imagination and nurtures the most ambitious dreams. This special microclimate, together with the unique personality of Otazu’s terroir, gives the winery’s wines extraordinary and unique qualities that distinguish them from other wines.


Given the uniqueness of our land, we believe in grape varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, which have been strategically planted in each of the different soils and areas of the estate, with the sole objective of selecting and achieving the greatest potential of each grape.

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Since 2009, Bodega Otazu has been among the 20 wineries in Spain that hold the quality recognition as ‘Vino de Pago’, the highest category that a vineyard can obtain. This allows us to produce wines under our own Protected Designation of Origin, ‘D.O.P. Pago de Otazu’.


Otazu, the universe where two family passions are integrated: wine and art.

Today, the winery is an emblem of the passion for wine, a place where every detail tells a story and reflects an ancestral legacy. The Wine Cathedral, a masterpiece of architect Jaime Gaztelu, is a marvel that houses the precious French oak barrels that rest patiently, guarding the secrets of wine aging and perfection.


But beyond its imposing architecture, the winery stands out for its commitment to sharing wine culture with the world. Every year, we welcome visitors from countless countries, giving them the opportunity to immerse themselves in the exciting process of winemaking and wine tasting. Our visits and events become unforgettable experiences, where wine lovers can enjoy the splendor of the terroir and the meticulous craftsmanship of the wines.


The works of art that are carefully displayed both in the interior spaces and in the beautiful gardens surrounding the winery are much more than mere decorative elements. Each piece is an artistic manifestation that reflects our deep passion for wine and its close connection to art. The contemporary works of art on display at the Fundación Otazu and in the winery itself are a tangible testimony that for us wine is an art form in itself.