Paneles solares y objetivo 0 emisiones 2030

In order to reduce our energy consumption and achieve zero net emissions by 2030, starting in 2022, Bodega Otazu will have 230 photovoltaic solar panels, which will occupy an area of 796m2. The installation of these panels represents a total power of 175.12 kWp, which will allow us to obtain an annual energy saving of 126 kWp, equivalent to approximately XX% of the winery’s electricity consumption. They will allow us to stop emitting XX tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, the equivalent of XX homes. Over the next 2 years we will continue with progressive installations until we can achieve the 650 kWp consumed by the operation.

This project is subsidized by the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund (EAGF), and managed by the Department of Rural Development and Environment of the Government of Navarra, Agriculture Service, Market Regulation Section.

Also, as part of our sustainability plan, we have taken further steps to achieve a positive carbon footprint:

  • Universal adoption of natural corks with a positive carbon footprint and from responsible producers.
  • Adoption of low-impact bottles for our Otazu range of wines. As of November 1, 2021, we exclusively use 420-gram ultra-lightweight bottles for bottling these wines, which represent 92% of our total production.