Proyect BIOVID

The project “New biocontrol strategies against botrytis in vineyards in Navarra”, BIOVID, focuses on researching new strategies for the control of Botrytis in vineyards under different agroclimatic conditions in Navarra, based on the inhibitory action of yeast strains and evaluating their influence on winemaking processes. The final objective is to seek sustainable and zero residue alternatives to the application of chemical synthesis phytosanitary products currently used.

The BIOVID project consortium is coordinated by the company Blue Agro Bioscience, with the participation of the company LEV2050 and the wineries Bodega Otazu, Príncipe de Viana and Iñurrieta, as well as research entities such as the UPNA and the Lurederra technology center.

BIOVID has received funding from the Government of Navarra within the call for strategic R&D projects 2019-2021, SIBERIA challenge.