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Research and development

We are yesterday because tradition makes us defend a piece of land in its uniqueness and we are tomorrow because our proposal of material union with that same land will bring more and more fruits.

Project for the recovery of native varieties of the Pamplona Valley

BeruésVino de la Cuenca, a project to promote the viticultural and oenological heritage of the Pamplona Valley based on the Berués variety. Bodega Otazu, in its commitment to innovation in the wine sector, has presented a project for the recovery of native varieties initiated in 2017 in collaboration with the UPNA with which it has…

Technology and cartography

Technology and cartography Bodega Otazu collaborates with TRACASA, AIN (Industry Association of Navarra) and UPNA (Public University of Navarra) in a research project that develops technology and precision mapping for vineyard management. Winegrowers and winemakers are aware of the existence of differences, more or less accentuated, both in the quantity and quality of the grapes…

Solar panels and zero emissions target 2030

Paneles solares y objetivo 0 emisiones 2030 In order to reduce our energy consumption and achieve zero net emissions by 2030, starting in 2022, Bodega Otazu will have 230 photovoltaic solar panels, which will occupy an area of 796m2. The installation of these panels represents a total power of 175.12 kWp, which will allow us…

Proyect OIVINA

Proyect OIVINA One of the initiatives in which UAGN has taken part in recent months, the one dedicated to the development of a reliable tool for powdery mildew control in Navarre vineyards, has been successfully completed.   The Oivina project has successfully come to an end. The data obtained and presented last December 13 in…

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Nuestra manera sostenible de manejar el viñedo plasma nuestro compromiso de respetar nuestro terroir a través del respeto de la tierra. Creemos que las prácticas sostenibles permiten preservar la belleza y riqueza de nuestro entorno, conservando suelos sanos y vivos para que las generaciones futuras continúen con nuestra pasión por la viticultura tradicional