At Otazu, sustainability is our north, where we are reborn with the value of terroir and history as our guide.

At Bodega Otazu, aware of the importance of preserving and protecting the surrounding nature, we are committed to sustainable practices, guided by respect for the terroir and sharing our passion for winemaking with future generations.


Environmental sustainability

The environmental impact of our actions defines our legacy.

We understand that every small step counts, so we have adopted policies aimed at reducing waste, promoting recycling and the efficient use of energy. We work closely with experts and local communities to preserve natural ecosystems, protect native flora and fauna, and ensure the balance of ecosystems. For this reason, we are constantly looking for new ways to innovate and evolve towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

Lighter bottles

At the winery, we have set ourselves the goal of reducing our carbon footprint by 2030. To this end, we have decided to change the glass in our Otazu range bottles for a lighter 420-gram glass. The reduction of this glass will mean using fewer raw materials, consuming a lower amount of energy, reducing CO2 emissions and, therefore, mitigating the carbon footprint.

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Cubierta vegetal blue sky

Vegetable covers

Since 1996, our winery has been a pioneer in Navarra in working with plant covers. From the beginning, the objective was to control the vigor of the plant. This purpose has been successfully achieved. Today, the use of these covers promotes soil improvement (working the structure, managing humidity, improving biodiversity) and production control.

Cubierta vegetal blue sky

Innovation projects

Adopting sustainable projects in the winery is crucial in order to preserve our past and protect the beauty and biodiversity of the environment for future generations to continue our passion for viticulture.

Social and cultural sustainability

At Bodega Otazu we believe in the power of social sustainability, collaborating in projects that improve people’s quality of life. These practices range from the restoration of the heritage of the Señorío de Otazu, through ethical and responsible business practices to the dissemination of art and culture.