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Bodega Otazu

The new winery is an architectural marvel, a Cathedral of Wine that integrates the most advanced winemaking technologies and all the knowledge of many generations.

In a dream landscape, sheltered under the Etxauri rock, flanked by the Sarbil and Perdón mountain ranges, and with the Arga river as a natural delimiter, Bodega Otazu has recovered an important piece of its history by resuming the art of making wine.

For centuries, the vine has been one of the most important, if not the main, agricultural wealth of the pre-Pyrenean basins of Navarra, including the capital of the Kingdom, Pamplona, once an important wine-growing center, where it is estimated that there were up to 2,000 farmers who lived from its cultivation.

Already in the 15th and 16th centuries, the lands of the Lordship of Otazu were dedicated to the cultivation and production of wine, as evidenced by the utensils and presses of that time, which are currently preserved in the museum of the Otazu Winery.

In the archive of Navarra, in the part dedicated to cuisine and food regime of the court of Charles III (1411 – 1425), the wines of Eriete and Val de Etxauri

(now Otazu) are among the most prominent.

To this history of wine and vineyards is added with weight and entity the Otazu Winery. An old French-style winery, built in 1840 in the geographical center of the estate, with a capacity of 200,000 liters in oak vats. The Otazu Winery was a revolution at the time, as it separated the winery from the town center. One hundred and fifty years later, the existing winery has been remodeled and a new one has been built that communicates with the old one


The new winery, completed in 1998, lies solemn like the naves of our cathedrals, but with the seclusion and stealthy gloom of the primitive Romanesque monasteries.