We are pleased to inform you about the change of the glass for the bottles of our Otazu wine range to a lighter one, and personalized with our shield. As it has shown since its early stages, Bodega Otazu has maintained a deep commitment to protecting the environment and sustainability through various projects such as: Viñasostenible, Biovid, OIVINA, O3VIÑA, and the latest, Living Soil.

Likewise, we have set ourselves the goal of achieving a significant reduction in our carbon footprint by the year 2030.

To this end, we have decided to change the glass of our Otazu wine range bottles to a lighter one, 420 grams. These new bottles, personalized with our shield, protect the wine the same as the previous 600-gram ones.

However, this lighter glass will enable us to use fewer raw materials, consuming less energy, reducing CO2 emissions and thus mitigating the carbon footprint.

Thanks to these changes, at Bodega Otazu we follow the path towards absolute respect for the environment and nature, doing our bit towards a more sustainable world for ourselves generations to come.